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Crew is a very expensive sport — equipment costs alone range from $1,000 (one Concept2 erg) to $40,000 (a new 8-person shell), and on top of equipment purchases, Fairfax County teams must also pay for their own insurance, boat storage, excellent coaching staff, etc, etc, etc. On average, it costs high school rowing clubs in our area $1,450 per teammate to launch a successful team.

Rowing is a club sport in Fairfax County, and Oakton Crew receives no funding or financial support from OHS or from Fairfax County Public Schools.

Oakton Crew therefore has a choice: raise dues to cover costs, or ask for everyone to pitch in and help raise funds together across a wider field.  We have successfully chosen the latter path for many years: it helps families keep costs lower, it builds team spirit, and it works!  But it only works if everyone does their share.  Fundraising is the lifeblood of a team, and continued financial support from donors is crucial for Oakton Crew to develop and thrive.


Every teammate is expected to meet a minimum fundraising amount as outlined in the Membership Commitment. While you can fundraise on your own in any way you’d like (i.e., helping your neighbors, cat-sitting, washing cars, whatever floats your boat), our Crew Fundraising Committee sets up group options each year to help students meet their requirements. If you’re interested in helping out with fundraising activities, please send an email to fundraising@oaktoncrew.com to volunteer.

TEAMMATES MAY ALSO OPT OUT OF FUNDRAISING ACTIVITIES BY PAYING THE FUNDRAISING COMMITMENT AMOUNT IN FULL. Fundraising payments are tax deductible; membership dues unfortunately are not.


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JANUARY 2019, hosted by
James Madison crew

The First Annual Battle of Vienna Indoor Rowing Competition between Oakton Crew and James Madison Crew was a huge success, and we look forward to hosting Madison at OHS in 2020! 

Teammates who are still collecting pledges can turn them into the Fundraising team by mailing checks to:

OCCBC/Attn: Fundraising
P.O. BOX 3206
Oakton, VA  22124

or by placing checks and cash into an envelope with the rower’s name clearly marked on it to the Activities Office, Room 173, in the Crew mailbox. Payment can be by cash or check made payable to OCCBC, or donors may visit the Crew Store and donate by credit card using the email campaign donor levels.


Teammates who didn’t complete their fundraising goals with Erg-a-Thon sponsorships or a Buy Out have another chance to meet their minimum fundraising requirement ($300) before the April 30th deadline. Click HERE for suggestions of what to write to your sponsors, and make sure to direct your family and friends to our DONORS PAGE for information about the team and how to give.


  • Make a list of your family and friends, both local and out-of-state, and collect their email addresses. Make sure you don’t list people who’ve already given to you for the Erg-a-Thon (unless the donor has asked you to make a second request!)

  • Write an email to each person on your donor list which tells about YOUR experience with Oakton Crew, and what you are getting out of being a part of the team (this will be easier to do from a laptop or desktop computer than from your phone)

  • It’s better to send a personal email to each of your donors (you can copy and paste from one to the next) - don’t try to group email your donors, and make sure to give your messages a personal touch

  • Provide the following link to our site (copy and paste this into your email):

    • www.oaktoncrew.com/donorspage

  • Make sure to mention that all donations to Oakton Crew are tax-deductible, and the club will provide donors with a receipt for their 2019 taxes

  • Add language at the end of your email thanking your donors for their support

  • Attach a few photos of yourself on an erg, in a boat, or just hanging out with your teammates at the boathouse!

  • Once you sit down and get started, this should not take more than 30-45 minutes — please don’t procrastinate

If you have questions about how to get started, or want to see a list of people who’ve already donated on your behalf, please send an email to Fundraising@oaktoncrew.com AND TO President@oaktoncrew.com, and we’re happy to help.

Good luck!!

Corporate Sponsorships:



Crew is a sport that requires amazing physical fitness and endurance, mental toughness, and synergy between team members. We know that kids who participate in crew have a different level of understanding of what it means to be “in sync” with your team and to put individual egos aside to work for a stronger whole.  As a result, rowers develop life skills that translate into success in college and work internships, and ultimately into successful careers.

Companies are invited to partner with Oakton Crew to showcase your support of high school rowing and to promote your business to our extended network of Crew families, alumni, and friends. Click the above link for a full description of how you can promote your business while providing necessary support to our team, and then reach out to our Fundraising team at fundraising@oaktoncrew.com to discuss options!

I have a great idea for a fundraiser. What can I do?

Wonderful! The first step is to contact our Fundraising VP: fundraising@oaktoncrew.com to discuss options for putting your plan in motion.