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Parking at Sandy Run for VASRA Regattas is available at Silverbrook Elementary School, Onsite Parking & Rider Dropoff, and VASRA Offsite Parking.  School buses and private buses will shuttle riders from all parking areas, including Silverbrook, Onsite, and Offsite Parking, to Lot C dropoff.  Once you arrive at Lot C, see 'Lot C to Boathouse & Grandstands' below.  All shuttles returning to parking areas depart from Lot C as well.

Note that the least expensive option for OHS rowers and families is Silverbrook ES Parking.  

  • Silverbrook Elementary School Parking: FREE FOR OAKTON CREW.  OCCBC arranges parking for our rowers and families at Silverbrook ES: 9350 Crosspointe Dr, Fairfax Station, VA 22039 in conjunction with 7 other high school teams.  Parking is free and the shuttle ride to Lot C is free.  At least two buses make the run, with one leaving the lots approximately every 15 minutes.  When you are ready to return to your car, go back to Lot C and be sure to take the correct shuttle to return to Silverbrook ES!!  SILVERBROOK MAP  


3/24/18   Polar Bear Regatta                     7:30 AM - 3:00 PM
4/7/18     Walter Mess Regatta                  6:30 AM - 6:00 PM
4/14/18   Darrel Winslow Regatta             6:30 AM - 5:30 PM    
4/21/18   Ted Phoenix Regatta                   6:30 AM - 6:30 PM
4/28/18   Al Urquia Regatta                       6:30 AM - 5:30 PM
5/5/18     VASRA Rowing Champ Day 1      5:30 AM - 5:30 PM
5/12/18   VASRA Rowing Champ Day 2      5:30 AM - 5:30 PM


  • Onsite Parking & Rider Dropoff.  VASRA Onsite Parking consists of Lot B, Lot C, Loisvale Lot, and Van Thompson Lot and costs $20 per vehicle.  The fees cover the costs for use of Sandy Run Regional Park, police, and private vans & school buses and drivers.  Attendants take cash only.  Parking Attendants (provided by Springfield HS Boosters Club), stationed at the entrance to Van Thompson Road, will collect your parking fee and direct you to other Parking Attendants for available parking.  Let the attendants know if you require handicap parking, which is available in Lot C.  If you park in the Loisvale Lot or the Van Thompson Lot, you may walk to the river, or ride a free shuttle to Lot C.  Another option is Rider Dropoff.  Tell the parking attendant at the entrance that you want Rider Dropoff and the attendant will direct you into the Van Thompson Lot which is adjacent to the entrance.  There, you will drop off your riders who can ride a free shuttle bus to Lot C.  When you are ready to return to your car, go back to Lot C and be sure to take the correct shuttle to return to Loisvale or Van Thompson parking lots!!! 
  • VASRA Offsite Parking.  VASRA-operated Offsite Parking is located at the Old Bridge and Route 123 Commuter Parking located at 1325 Old Bridge Rd, Woodbridge, VA 22192 which is about 3.8 miles south of the intersection of Ox Road (Rte 123) and Hampton Road.   Important: VASRA Offsite parking is only available and shuttles will only begin to run once onsite parking is full.  Parking is free at the Offsite Parking lot but the shuttle to Sandy Run costs $5 per person round trip.  The shuttle fee is collected for each person who gets on at the VASRA Offsite Parking lot, and shuttles run about every 30 minutes.  Signs at the intersection of Ox Road (Rte 123) and Hampton Road will indicate if Onsite Parking is full; you can also follow @VASRAParking on Twitter for parking updates.  The shuttle will take you to Sandy Run Lot C.  When you are ready to return to your car, go back to Lot C and be sure to take the correct shuttle to VASRA Offsite Parking!!!  MAP TO VASRA OFFSITE PARKING
  • More information about VASRA's parking options is HERE
  • Lot C to Boathouse & Grandstands.  From Lot C, if you need to go to the Boathouse, continue walking down Van Thompson road toward the river about 400 yards.  If you would like to go to the Grandstands to watch the races, look for the trailhead in Lot C and follow the trail about 0.5 mile to the Grandstands.  Also from Lot C, you may transfer to a shuttle (cost is $3 per person each way - please have small bills for this cost) that will take you to the Grandstands.  If you are at the Boathouse and would then like to walk to the Grandstand, the distance is about 0.9 miles, and you can take the trail along the river or walk back through Lot C to the upper trailhead. 
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