What is VASRA?

VASRA is the Virginia Scholastic Rowing Association.  This organization runs all the regattas at Sandy Run as well as providing a community forum for high school rowing programs in our state.  

As a member school within VASRA, we contribute time and volunteer efforts to VASRA every season and in return we gain from all the hard work that they do - setting up and refereeing races, maintaining the course, and so on.

What do I need to know about them?

As an Oakton Crew parent, you will be expected to volunteer for at least one "VASRA job" each season.  This might be helping to run a concession stand at a regatta, or maintain a dock, or any one of the dozens of opportunities that VASRA makes available.

  • To see what slots are available and to sign up, see the VASRA entry on our signups page.
  • To learn more about the jobs that VASRA has, see the job descriptions in their operations manual (warning: detailed document - see Appendix B).
  • To find out more about VASRA itself, visit their website.

What else?

VASRA runs a very useful Twitter handle, @vasraresults, that you can follow during a regatta to get live updates on race results.