Parent Participation: Terms & Conditions



All Oakton High School students, and their parents, who participate in Crew activities, acknowledge that they are representing Oakton High School. By agreeing to these terms, the parent agrees to abide by the Oakton Cougar Crew Booster Club’s (OCCBC) Code of Behavior at all times during formal and informal Crew activities.

Parents are expected to:

  • Treat all student-athletes, opponents, coaches, officials, parents and volunteers with respect and exhibit the highest standard of sportsmanship.
  • Support the coaching staff and OCCBC by ensuring that their student meets the student-athlete’s expectations listed in the Student Participation Terms & Conditions.
  • Complete and submit all required payments and forms by the deadlines given.
  • Provide support for their student by actively participating in OCCBC committees, fund-raising activities and regatta volunteer requirements.
  • Remember that the coaches have the full responsibility in training the participant’s boat and rowing matters. Coaches seek to create the fastest lineups possible. While decisions are somewhat subjective, they are not personal.
  • Enjoy their student's growth and development through their commitment, dedication, and teamwork!

Part II. Permission to Participate

Acceptance by at least one parent of these Terms and Conditions grants permission for the student to participate in all Oakton Cougar Crew Booster Club activities. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the parent understands that travel may be by motor coach, school bus, or automobile, that OCCBC activities may expose their child to the risk of injury or death, and that participation involves activities off school property, where neither Fairfax County Public Schools nor its employees or chaperones will have any responsibility for the condition of non-school property.  

Parents(s) authorize coaches and chaperones to supervise and direct their child, and to obtain for their child the medical treatment the coaches and chaperones deem necessary. Licensed physicians or health care professionals are authorized to provide necessary medical treatment for the child upon the request of a coach or chaperone, and parent(s) accept full financial responsibility for such treatment.

Membership/Volunteer Commitment


Crew at Oakton High School is a club sport. It receives no funding from the school or Fairfax County. It is organized, run and financed entirely by rowers and their families under the banner of OCCBC, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting our rowers. By agreeing to the terms in this section you promise to support the club by providing your financial and volunteering support.



Dues total $1100, consisting of a $900 fee payment and $200 fundraising opportunities. Dues do not include the cost of spirit wear, transportation, or travel expenses.


The fee payment is made in three instalments, or as a single sum. If the entire sum is paid by November 1, the discounted amount is $850. Otherwise, the instalments are as follows:

  • November 1: First installment of $300 is due.
  • December 6: Second installment of $300 is due.
  • January 17: Last installment of $300 is due.


Students are responsible for fundraising the $200 portion of the dues themselves in any appropriate way. The club will also provide opportunities for students to fundraise together. Funds raised are for the benefit of all members of the club and not the individual student, in keeping with IRS regulations. If the $200.00 is not raised by February 28, a donation of the balance will be requested.


Checks must be made payable to OCCBC. Please note rower’s name on all checks. Payments and other written correspondence should be sent to:

OCCBC Membership
O Box 3206
Oakton VA 22124


A refund of the fee portion of the dues may be requested upon a rower’s withdrawal. Monies from fund-raising are not eligible for refund. All team withdrawals must be made in writing to the above address or via email to in order to be eligible for a refund. If a rower withdraws:

  • by Dec. 6, a full fee refund will be made
  • between Dec. 7 - Jan. 17 inclusive, partial fee refunds will be made; members will be assessed a $100 fee
  • between Jan. 18 - Feb. 17 inclusive, partial fee refunds will be made; members will be assessed a $200 fee
  • from Feb. 18 and beyond, no refund will be made.

Should a student choose to drop out after the start of the Spring season or become ineligible to participate for any reason, no refunds will be paid. EXCEPTION: In the event that an athlete is cut from the team by the coaching staff after Feb 18, the fee will be refunded in full. Contributions collected by a rower as a result of any individual or group fundraising effort are never refunded if the rower is cut, or leaves the team for any other reason.



Parents/guardians must complete a minimum of one volunteer activity for the club. This additional requirement can be met by providing assistance at a fundraising event (bake sale, car wash, yard sale, smoothie sale), hosting a pasta party, serving as a Board member or Board chairperson, hosting a tag day event, driving for a tag day event, work the Hospitality Tent on the river, help with the annual banquet or other activities as indicated by the Board.


Parent/guardians must complete a minimum of one VASRA regatta day volunteer position. If they are unable to work the day they are scheduled, they are responsible for finding a replacement and notifying the volunteer coordinator. VASRA assesses penalties to the club if volunteers do not fulfill these positions: should a penalty be assessed, the club must be reimbursed.


Parents/guardians must provide food/snack donations for the hospitality tent and pasta parties upon request and according to a schedule set by the VP Hospitality of the club.  Parents are also strongly encouraged to sign up for Oakton Crew’s online fundraising opportunities.

By accepting these terms you agree to make timely payments of the fee required for participation in the Oakton Cougar Crew Booster Club activities. You agree to participate in a minimum of one club volunteering position and one VASRA volunteering position. You understand that Oakton Cougar Crew Booster Club provides all equipment, coaching staff, rowing facilities and services related to the administration of a rowing program to Oakton High School Crew Club members for the expressed purpose of encouraging the sport of rowing by student athletes.

Last updated: September 19, 2016