Oakton Cougar Crew Boosters Club

OCCBC is made up of the parents and community supporters of the Oakton High School Crew team, and as such we handle the day-to-day administration of the club, including fundraising, organizing volunteer support, retaining coaches, organizing pasta dinners, financial & tax issues, etc etc etc... 

OCCBC is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, and all donations to Oakton Crew are tax deductible and allow us to continue to support one of the best groups at Oakton High School.

OCCBC is organized under a Constitution and set of By-laws which are available online here.  The leadership of OCCBC is the Board of Directors, who are elected each year.  

board collage copy.jpg

The 2017-18 Board:

  • President - Michael Waple
  • Treasurer - Jason Aiken
  • Secretary - Cynthia Bailey
  • VP Administration - Tom Wilson
  • VP Communications - Carrie Tipton
  • VP Fundraising - Rachelle Aiken
  • VP Hospitality - Toyin Martschenko
  • VP Logistics - Joe Couch
  • VP Membership - Jean Broome
  • VP Volunteers - Mara Sibley
  • VP Operations - Bill Kost
  • Asst. Treasurer - Carol Golden

In addition the By-laws provide for a number of Team Support Positions, as follows:

  • Uniforms/Spirit Wear - Lynne Udalov
  • Vacant: OLOC Rep, VASRA Rep

Contacting board members:

To contact any one of us, email role@oaktoncrew.com -- for example, membership@oaktoncrew.com.  

Board meetings are held on the third Wednesday of each month at Oakton High School and are noticed via this website's calendar.   Parents are welcome to attend and of course we welcome ideas, volunteers and feedback.