Are you interested in giving the sport of rowing a try, or are you a returning rower and miss the Occoquan?  Then join us for the Fall Learn-to-Row Program, offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays, October 3rd — 26th, from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. This program is designed to introduce new rowers to the sport at our Sandy Run facility on the Occoquan River, from the proper way to hold an oar, to porting a shell, to actually going out in a boat.  Returning rowers will have an opportunity to get out on the water before Winter Conditioning starts, while also helping the coaches teach new skills to our recruits.

Attending even a couple of sessions will be helpful for novices to understand the nature (and inherent awesomeness) of Crew, and no prior rowing experience is necessary.  Learn-to-Row is offered to students of all grades at OHS at no cost, although there is a small fee for new rowers to register with USRowing for the required 2017 waivers.  RETURNING ROWERS do not need to complete a new USRowing waiver until January 2018.

Participation in Learn-to-Row is OPTIONAL for new and returning rowers — LTR is offered by Oakton Crew to give novices an opportunity to get on the water before committing to Winter Conditioning, but participation is not at all required to have a great career as a new rower later in the season.

**Please note that for Fall Learn-to-Row, Oakton Crew does NOT provide transportation to and from the river after school.  We encourage participants to carpool if possible.







1.   Emergency Care Form, or you can download the form already completed for OHS through your Blackboard account using the WeCare link.

2.  Communicable Disease Form

     Mail (1) the Emergency Care and (2) Communicable Disease Forms to:  VP Membership OCCBC, P.O. Box 3206, Oakton, VA 22124, or you can place the completed forms in the Oakton Crew Mailbox in the Activities Office at OHS, ROOM 173.

3.  VHSL Physical

     BRING YOUR COMPLETED PHYSICAL to the Activities Office at OHS, ROOM 173, and turn it in to the office staff — you cannot mail this to OCCBC or hand it to a coach, and please do NOT leave the physical in our OHS mailbox.  Any rower who does not have a completed physical filed with the Activities Office Staff will not be allowed on the water.  The VHSL form usually does not require your pediatrician to complete a full check-up, but please check with your doctor's office for details; if you have had an annual check-up with your primary care physician in the past 12 months, the office may be able to complete the form for you, but some offices have a different policy.  Please check with your doctor's office for completion requirements.


STEP THREE:  NEW ROWERS:  Complete the 2017 USRowing Waiver

  • Go to the USRowing Membership Portal and select "Individuals/Join."
  • Enter club name: "Oakton High School" and club code: "AASHJ"
  • Enroll in Basic Membership (fee $7.75) and sign the waiver for 2017.  You do not need to send OCCBC a certificate for this step — confirmation will be sent directly to Oakton Crew by USRowing.


STEP FOUR:  NEW ROWERS:  Complete a Swim Test:

A swim test is required for all new rowers to participate in Learn-to-Row, or to join Crew in the spring.  Please see our Swim Test Guidelines.  We will be conducting a FREE group swim test at Oak Marr Rec Center on Thursday, September 28th from 7:00 — 8:30 p.m.  You do not need to sign up in advance, and any questions can be directed to Jean Broome: membership@oaktoncrew.com.

If you cannot make it to group testing on the 28th, you can independently arrange a swim test with a certified life guard by calling your local pool or YMCA to schedule.  You may need to make arrangements to bring a life jacket if the facility you select does not have one available.  There may be a charge for oversight of the test, depending on the facility.  Upon completion, please have the lifeguard sign off on Oakton's Swim Test Certificate and then return it to OCCBC at P.O. Box 3206, Oakton, VA 22124, or in our Activities Office mailbox.  If you need to borrow a life jacket for the test, please contact us.


After that you're all set, and we're looking forward to seeing you on the river!  Once you complete the Emergency and Communicable disease forms, and turn in your VHSL physical, you will not need to complete those steps again to register for Crew later this fall.  (USRowing waivers will need to be updated in January 2018 for all rowers).


CANCELLATION POLICY:  We row in light winds or moderate rain, but in the event of severe weather (lightning, high winds, heavy downpours) LTR will be cancelled for the day.  Please check our Twitter feed @oaktoncrew for updates if the weather is bad, or you can email the coaches at coaches@oaktoncrewcom, our membership coordinator at membership@oaktoncrew.comor our communications coordinator at communications@oaktoncrew.com with questions.  Don't follow us on Twitter?  Our feed is detailed here.