How we raise funds

This page describes fundraising by Oakton Crew students.  External supporters, please visit here.

Why Fundraise?

Crew is expensive.  A training erg machine is $1000, and a boat north of $30,000.  So, the Club has a choice: jack up everybody's dues to $1500 or more, like some schools do, or ask everyone to pitch in and help raise funds.  We have successfully chosen the latter path for many years: it helps families keep costs low, it builds team spirit, and it works!  But it only works if everyone does their share.

What do I have to do?

Each student is responsible for raising their portion of the funds (an amount documented in the Membership Commitment signed by each family at the start of the season).  You can fundraise any way you like: helping your neighbors, cat-sitting, washing cars - whatever your family are happy with.

To give you a head start, Crew also runs a small number of fundraising opportunities.  If you don't make your target yourself, then you must participate, as follows:

  • You participate in at least 1 Tag Day Event — typically there is one in the fall and one in Jan or Feb. 
  • You write fundraising letters (10 minimum) for our Letter Writing Campaign (see below) 
  • You participate in other fundraising events: Car Washes, Erg-a-Thon, Yard-Sale, etc..



In a Tag Day, students assemble at a the home of a team parent sponsor and walk a neighborhood in teams soliciting donations.  This is a very successful fundraiser for the team.  We also use Tag Days as deadlines for our Letter Writing Campaign: letters for the campaign are always due by a Tag Day.  To sign up for a Tag Day, check the signup page here.


This is the main fund raising opportunity for Oakton Crew, and one of the most successful activities for our team. It also requires only a very small amount of effort.  You write some letters, and, hopefully, money arrives.  Download the Instructions before you start.

What should be included in the Letter? 

A Letter template can be downloaded here Letter Template (MS Word) to get you started.  The template has both a sample letter and a donation form: whether you write your own style letter or use the template, the form is mandatory.  So, if you create your own letter, get the form part from here and include it in the envelope.

I ONLY USE SNAPCHAT.  How does this postal thing work?

You need two envelopes, two stamps, your letter and the donation form.  

  • Write the address of Oakton Crew (PO Box 3206, Vienna VA 22124) in the middle of the front of one of them.  Put a stamp in the top right front corner.  (Write your name on the back - this helps us track responses.)  Don't seal this envelope!  
  • Now put this envelope, your letter and the donation form inside the other envelope.  Address this envelope to the recipient, and put a stamp on it.  Seal the whole thing up.

How many do I need to write? 

This is easy. If you don’t write a letter to a potential donor, you won’t get any money from them. So, more is better. The majority of students send at least ten letters and this is our recommended minimum.

Who should I Write To?  

You aren’t restricted to your Grandma and favorite uncle! Send letters to people you feel will be willing to support you. We have had success not just with relatives and friends, but also neighbors, co-workers of your parents, along with dentists, doctors and other community members.

When are the letters/Letter record sheets due? 

Letters are to be completed and submitted to your Tag Day household sponsor on the Tag Day.  Alternatively, bring them to practice and give to your coach.  Letters must be submitted before the first regatta.

I’ve got a great idea for a fundraiser. What can I do?

Great! The first step is to contact We can advise and assist, and help get the word out. Thank you for your support!

On-Line Fundraising Programs

Click on the buttons below to get started with one of these three programs:

  • – Oakton Crew is an Amazon affiliate and as such can earn funds on every Amazon purchase you make, at no cost to you.
  • PayPal Giving – Oakton Crew can take donations via PayPal or credit card using their gift program for charities. Tip: Ask your donor to mention your name when donating!
  • Ebay Charities - As an eBay Seller, you can choose to direct a portion of your sales to Oakton Crew.
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