Only two weeks to go.

Time to get organized

Get your ducks in a row.  Get with the program.  Put your house in order.  With only two weeks to go until season opening, now is the time to make sure that nothing gets in between you and getting on the water.  Take a few moments to review the essentials and make sure you are not caught out!

  • Have you submitted all your forms?  They're all on the website here, along with instructions.  Watch out for ones that you might not have taken care of in the Fall, like driver permissions to get to Sandy Run.
  • Is your safety information up to date?  The Concussion form is a classic: it's an online system run by FCPS and needs to be completed by both parent and student.  And don't forget that you need to have your concussion baseline performed at the school too.  Contact your coach if you need info.
  • Have you organized transport?  If you plan on riding the bus, you need to complete payment using the online form.
  • Are your dues paid?  Crew costs money.  It's not fair if some students pay their dues on time and some are tardy.  Make your payments here.
  • Are you subscribed to the Monday Catch email and Twitter?  If not, get it done now.  Sign up for the Catch here and follow Crew on Twitter @oaktoncrew.

Happy rowing!