Pasta Dinner - what to bring

Pasta dinner is this Friday Dec 11.  Please bring donations according to your last name as follows.  You can bring them with you to the party, or have a parent drop them off at the host home on Friday after 6:30pm.  Refer to the Monday Catch or ask your coach/captain for address details.

If your last name begins with:

  • A-E,  please bring dessert
  • F-J, please bring a case of water (16.9 oz size bottles please)
  • K-O, please bring fruit salad or a fruit plate
  • P-T, please bring  garlic bread (please make sure the bread is sliced and wrapped in foil so that it can go directly into the oven)
  • U-Z, please bring salad and a dressing.


Let's talk about carwashes.

  • Carwash the 1976 movie.  Terrible.  Barely six stars on IMDb.
  • Carwash the disco soundtrack.  Meh. 
  • Carwash the Crew fundraiser.  More fun than either, by a long way.

The crew carwash will be this Sunday Nov 8 from 10:00-2:00pm at the Vienna Sunoco at 102 Maple Ave.  We need parent and student volunteers to help run shifts - sign up here.  And if you can't volunteer - bring your vehicles in for a good clean!

Introduction to Training - Energy Systems

With winter training starting in a couple weeks, I thought it would be good to go over some training basics.  In order to be as effective as possible, I think it's important to understand a bit of the exercise science surrounding our sport.  The days of just trying to out sweat your opponents are long gone...